Why online gambling is one of the most promising niches of 2024 ?

The year 2024 has been declared the year of change. Many people decided to reconsider their usual work format or completely change their field of activity due to the difficulties encountered in the domestic digital industry.

Professionals have to adapt, trying to master completely new and previously unknown areas as the market is constantly changing.

Traffic arbitrage is one of such areas. At first glance, the complex term refers to the advertising of goods and services online by any brands and companies interested in it. This method of promotion continues to gain momentum around the world. Every year this unique direction attracts more and more experienced IT professionals, offering them new opportunities in the field of online advertising.

In 2024, gambling will be one of the most popular online marketing trends. Views on gambling and online casinos around the world are changing due to many reasons. One of the most important is the recognition by many countries of the legality of this type of earning.

Online casinos are coming out of the shadows

These days, more and more countries are coming to the conclusion that legalization of casinos is better than a complete ban. Shadow gambling business not only deprives players of legal protection and encourages criminal activity, but also reduces the treasury’s revenue through tax deductions.

In 2023, even conservative countries such as Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan passed legislation to legalize online casinos.

Popularity of gambling in figures

Online casinos emerged about five to seven years ago and are considered one of the youngest segments of internet marketing. Statistics show that approximately 85% of American adults have played at online casinos at least once in their lives. Nearly 1.8 billion people, or 26% of the world’s population, gamble regularly.In addition, almost 5 billion people do it at least once a year. According to the European Gambling and Betting Association’s 2021 report, almost 62% of Europeans bet on something during the year. Most of this took place at online casinos, which further confirms the widespread popularity of the gambling industry.