What is multiple roulette?

A variation of the traditional roulette wheels available at online casinos is called multiplier roulette wheels. Multiplier roulette wheels are different from traditional roulette wheels, where winnings depend on the betting odds and the number the ball falls on. Multiplier wheels give players the ability to multiply their winnings depending on specific events or game conditions.

How does it work?

Players can place bets on a regular roulette table with a multiplier in the same way as on a regular roulette table. However, what makes these tables unique is the ability to utilize win multipliers. These multipliers can be used in a variety of ways. For example, they can be used when betting on certain numbers, colors or patterns or when the ball hits a certain hole. A player’s winnings are multiplied, often significantly, when a multiplier is used.


Roulette wheels with multipliers have quickly gained popularity in online casinos for several reasons:

  1. Extra excitement: multipliers add extra excitement to the gameplay. Players never know when they might get a multiplier and how much it will increase their winnings.
  2. Potential for bigger wins: players who want to win a higher prize will be interested in increasing their prizes with multipliers.
  3. Variety of play: roulette wheels with multipliers offer players a different experience from traditional roulette.
  4. Competitive strategy: players must use strategy and skill to utilize multipliers, which adds a competitive element to the game.
  5. Social interaction: while playing roulette with multipliers, players can interact with each other in many online casinos, which creates a fun and social atmosphere.

Roulette multiplier wheels are changing the experience of playing at online casinos. They have captivated online casino players due to their ability to increase excitement, offer higher possible winnings and stimulate competition. Try your luck on the multiplier roulette wheel at Winshark Casino if you want a unique gaming experience. Who knows, maybe you will be the next multiplier prize winner!