Is there any possibility of becoming a poker player in 2024?

Online poker in 2024 is not at all the same as it was in 2003 when poker boomed.

What was poker like at the peak of its popularity? In many ways, it was the best time to make money because there were few tools to learn complex strategy, crowds of amateurs playing “after a dream,” and you didn’t have to work hard to make regular money.

Here are some important benefits:

  • Freedom to organize your day – the ability to choose what and when to do while staying at home;
  • Reading a few books and articles, watching live videos – and you are already playing better than 80% of the field up to a certain limit;
  • Low risks due to no-deposits in rooms, profitable promotions and rakeback programs.

The freedom to choose employment is the only major upside of online poker in 2024, but it’s fairly conditional:

  • The entry threshold has increased, which means you need to play, learn and suffer more to succeed financially in the game.
  • High Risks: The number of regulars and average players has increased due to better and easier learning curve. This has led to more competition and lower average earnings per hour.

Here are streamer Christopher “Ceegee87” George’s tips for growth and development in modern online poker:

1. Be disciplined, bankroll-manage and carefully choose the games and bets you play to make a living.

2- Get rid of ego

A big ego in poker is harmful. Be honest with yourself when choosing games and take the time to judge the play of other players. 

3- Be patient. My lack of patience and risk-taking tendencies have led to excessive hours of play to the detriment of my bankroll.

4. Concentrate on one game at a time.

5.  Get started!

I never put enough effort into learning until I realized how much it was holding me back in my development. That said, I don’t think there is any ideal ratio of study to play time.

Whether it’s 5 hours of study and 35 hours of play per week, 20 hours of study and 20 hours of play, or something else, the key is to be consistent and put what you learn into practice.